Contained Light Series

Darkest Before Dawn

What started as a fascination with the formative process of ceramic vessels developed into a series of night studio sessions, during which I meditated on the interplay of cast light and shadow generated by various objects whose defining function lies in their ability to contain another material.  While photographing in my courtyard during the quiet of the small hours of the morning, I am absorbed by the ritual essence of a stream of light penetrating the dark void – for me it is more a matter of discovery than creating.

Like man, a container’s existence can be justified in relation to its’ interaction with its’ surroundings – an empty jar has not yet fulfilled its’ purpose, a broken egg shell no longer protects its contents, a sealed bottle cannot fill an empty glass. Even when a container has yet to fulfill its purpose, however, its’ essential nature is still apparent because it contains the most precious and mysterious of materials: Light is ever present.

There are times when we all feel unfulfilled or empty, we feel that we are not living up to expectations projected by others or ourselves, we feel confused about how best to actualize our talents. When we feel surrounded by the shadow of doubt and despair,  we can be strengthened by faith in the providence that directs us through the darkest moments of our lives, that accepts our imperfections and, like a seedling planted in the earth, calls us to use the darkness to grow forth.