Thank you for your interest in my work.

I invite you to express your connection to the ideas portrayed in my Mandala Series by investing in a signed, limited edition canvas reproduction. I offer museum-quality giclee prints that can be ordered and delivered to your home in the following formats:

- 20x20" (limited edition series of 60) - starting at $270
- 26x26" (limited edition series of 30) - starting at $400
- 40x40" (limited edition series of 10) - starting at $850

The spiritual themes behind my work make for a unique and meaningful present for weddings, bar-mitzvahs, anniversaries etc, and personal dedications are available upon request.

Multiple purchases of 2 or more prints will entitle you to free shipping, and other customized products are available by personal arrangement. Fully customized ketubot can also be commissioned using existing Mandalas as base images (starting from $500).

I am at your service should you have any questions or require assistance in choosing an image.


Zak Yitro

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