Inner Space

Inner Space is a return to Sacred Geometry in contemplation of the dimension of space, informed by the image's magical ability to portray an illusion of perspective and spatial depth. While much of my previous work explores the implications of time, spatial awareness is shared by all conscious beings, and transcends ideology in creating a context for our interaction with the world.

The meditative experience of mental expansion through progressively deeper levels of consciousness guides the layout of this mandala, and I visualize a 4-staged breathing technique (inhale, hold, exhale, hold) that enables one to become more centered with every breath by following the labyrinth form of each consecutive square, moving ever inwards the infinite essence.

The upturned hands are a widely used gesture of prayer and receptivity to that which lies beyond our immediate experience, indicating that our meditative journey is guided by a higher power. In this sense, the meditative contemplation of space is both transcendental and immanently Divine.

Limited edition (/120) canvas reproduction, 20x20 inch: $310

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