Four Elements

Four Elements

This piece is inspired by the interaction between the four elements of - fire, water, air and earth. A central feature of this composition is the inner black and white circle, loosely based on the concept of the yin and yang. The black and white enclaves both contain the Hebrew letter ‘yud’, which represents the common denominator that exists in all opposites. In Kabbalistic literature, when two yuds are juxtaposed, they form one of the divine names, indicating that a harmonious relationship between two opposites is a divine state of existence.

From this union emanates an array of cool and warm colors; which respectively represent male and female, water and fire, air and earth.
The words “fire, earth, air and water” are ambigrams which can be rotated and read from two directions. The earth and sky are poetically portrayed as being attracted to each other – vegetation grows towards the sky, while the sun radiates energy towards the earth from the sky, and is symbolized by the green and orange line patterns.

The triangle-based letters are composed of both the “shin” and “mem”. The similarity of the shapes indicates the common source from which male and female energies emanate. Thus, the two letters combine together in the peripheral pattern to symbolize a harmonious union of opposites.


Limited edition (/60) canvas reproduction, 20x20 inch: $270

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