creation of colour canvas


Much of the inspiration for this piece comes from the Biblical account of creation (Genesis 1), which describes the order of creation. This piece is based on 4 evolutionary stages of creation, which is visualized graphically in the form of the 4 circles.

Each circle encompasses a different stage of creation, emanating from the center:

1. Inner circle: “And the land was chaos…” – Genesis 1, 2. Grey – chaos, lack of differentiation between light and dark
2. Second circle: “And God divided between Light and Darkness” – Genesis 1, 4. Mixture of black and white particles -separation between light and dark on a conceptual level.
3. Third circle: “ And God called the Light; Day, and the Darkness He called Night” – Genesis 1’ 5. Black section and white section – separation of light and dark into two separate entities – night and day
4. Outer circle: “In the image of God he created him, male and female he created them” – Genesis 1, 27. Transformation from cosmic forces of light and dark into worldly opposing forces – red and blue.

Suspended over the whole piece is a line that suspends the opposing forces in a state of tension at every stage. This line represents the attraction between opposites which is present at all levels of existence.

Between the boundaries of the outer circles is a repetition of the Hebrew phrase ‘Ein Ani’ (“There is no “I”). It is interesting to note that the same letters used for the word "Self" can be re-arranged to spell "Nothingness", and in the context of this drawing this can be understood as the nullification of the ego, in order for two opposites to complete each other.

Limited edition (/60) canvas reproduction, 20x20 inch: $300

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