This piece presents the concept of attraction between opposites as expressed by the relationship between a man and woman:
The central letter ‘Alef’ joins the blue and red circles. According to Kabbalistic sources, the Alef represents the connection between two opposites, where each force has an essence that is based in it’s counterpart, thus attracting one to the other.

The two circles represent two opposite forces; the red circle contains a graphical representation of the sound waves for the letter ‘shhh’ ( ‘shin’, emotion, fire, female), and the blue circle represents the sound ‘mmm’ (‘mem’, intellect, water, male).

The connection between the two circles represents the unity between the male and female forces. The harmony created by this connection is symbolized by the Star of David, which is made up of two equilateral triangles of opposite allignments - known symbols for male and female.
The Hebrew verse that surrounds the central composition reads “Neither man without a woman, nor woman without a man, and neither of them without Divine presence”.


Limited edition (/60) canvas reproduction, 20x20 inch: $310

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