light and dark

Light and Dark

This work focuses on the contrast between hot and cold colors. Blue is associated with water, while red is associated with fire.
While red and blue are both primary colors, the background is composed of the three secondary colors are arranged in alignment with an electromagnetic field. This is a physical representation of the interaction between two opposites.
The text adjacent to the two horns is taken from a Jewish prayer said in the evenings, meaning “light before darkness, darkness before light”, and is an expression of the cyclical nature of reality, where one state of existence gradually turns into its’ opposite. In order to further this idea, shapes symbolizing the sun and the moon are embedded in each horn.
The horns themselves are intertwined in each other in such a way that they are inseparable from each other, expressing the relativity of each state to its’ opposite.

Limited edition (/60) canvas reproduction, 20x20 inch: $295

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