beyond time

Beyond Time

This project expresses the astronomical structure of the Hebrew calendar, which is based upon both solar and lunar movement. In the centre is the sun, while the ring composed of red and blue circles represents the earths orbit of the sun in 365.25 days. Shabbat is represented by a blue dot, while weekdays are red.
The waves express the months, where one wave symbolizes one month. 12 months amount to 354 days, 11 days less than a solar year. The Jewish calendar compensates by adding a leap month (Adar II) to 7 set years in a 19 year cycle – resulting in 19 differently colored lines, with 7 colors containing 13 waves, and 12 containing 12 waves.
We count the Jewish calendar from a theoretical date 12 months before the Biblical story of man's creation on the 6th day – and is represented by the gold bars
Each month corresponds to a different Zodiac sign, determined by the star constellation the sun covers in that particular month (the silver dots joined by lines).
Around the month waves are the names of the different festivals which fall in their set months, and the trees describe the cyclical change of seasons throughout the year
The quote around the border is taken from a Hasidic book called Likutei Mohoran, written by the famous Rabbi Nahman of Breslov, and dictates that God is beyond time, and that by enhancing our consciousness we can reach a level of eternal existence where time is nullified.

Limited edition (/60) canvas reproduction, 20x20 inch: $355

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